Wall Bar

Recently, wall bars polyurethane products have become an indispensable part of projects with their ease of application and aesthetic appearance, which are used very elegantly in interior and exterior spaces that you frequently encounter in your decoration works.

As Dekorcu, we have devoted a large amount of space to polyurethane bar models in our wide product range. Patterned patterns, our complementary accessory product range, heavy classic is quite popular. However, the types of designs you frequently request from us about the wall bars application led us to create a picture gallery for you.

We present you many wall lapping techniques made with different colors made with polyurethane wall bars as a gallery.

If you are for simplicity when applying wall bar models in your decoration, we recommend you to use flat wall bars. Patterned and corner motif wall slats are decorative products that can be used for spaces where classical style decoration is applied. When using wall bars, it is necessary to pay attention to which wall will be suitable for the application and not to give a narrow view to the room. You can use the wall bars simply, or we can use them with paintings or wall ornaments. You can turn your room into the most stylish room of your home with stylish lighting applied to wall bar models.

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Canlı Destek
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